Duane Frybarger - piano, MIDI, ukulele, improvisations, compositions

Peace and welcome

This is a sanctuary of inspiration and restoration.

A place to refresh your soul and quiet your mind.

For those who enjoy piano music, Sketches is an album of jazz piano solo improvisations and compositions composed in 2007. This is previously unreleased material.

For a blend of world, jazz and pop, the Pangaea World Orchestra offers contemporary jazz instrumentals. Over 20 years ago, PWO was heard on more than 100 radio stations on four continents. PWO is now back with new technology and a new sound. Be sure to check them out!

All music is available to freely stream and download. If you choose to own your digital copies, please visit the store.

For lovers of fingerstyle ukulele, Another Voice, Another Place is an album of baritone ukulele improvisations, both solo and with a looper.

Driftwood on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA