About the Artist

Duane Frybarger in an accomplished composer/performer whose music has been aired worldwide. His three CD releases encompass a wide range of Easy Listening styles. He spent much of his youth working as both a soloist and accompanist for church, school and private functions. At the age of 26, he began composing, primarily in a jazz/pop vein. Several years of writing led him back to the Classical era for studies and compositions. Over a period of five years, he wrote a wide variety of Symphonic Suites, Piano Etudes and various chamber pieces. In 1995, he contributed some previously written works as well as a specifically composed piece for a PBS TV segment on Alternative AIDS treatments. His music was featured in Keyboard Magazine's Discoveries column in September of 1996 and he has written technical articles for a small publication in Oregon, the Transoniq Hacker. His debut release "A Musical Feast", recorded under the name "Pangaea World Orchestra", gained airplay on more than 130 radio stations on four different continents in 1997. This first release was an eclectic blend of World, Jazz, Pop and New Age music. His second release in 1998, "A Road Less Traveled", is an album of Neo-Classical works for piano and chamber orchestra that gained airplay on numerous New Age/Easy Listening radio stations and programs, airing for more than a 20 months on Al Santos' "Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch" on WJZW 105.9 FM in Washington, DC and reaching the Number 1 position on "Mystic Music" on KKUP in San Jose, CA. His third album, Sketches, a small collection of solo piano improvisations and compositions. He is currently working on guitar and ukulele improvisations and arrangements.