Dreams and Memories:piano improvisations

Dreams and Memories, Solo Piano

Solo Jazz Piano Improvisations - January, 2020

All music on this site is available to freely stream on any device and download on any non-i mobile device. To download, hold your mouse over the active player and right-click to Save Audio. Each player can play or download an individual piece.

Following are selected tracks for your listening pleasure.

1. "Rise" - This piece moves into a quiet, somewhat moody place and is currently one of my favorite pieces.

2. "Smoke" - A piece evoking hope and promise for the future.

3. "Falls" - I have had a modest home music studio for many years and for these recordings, I used an app called CMP on my iPad Pro to create the beautiful piano sound you hear.

Sand Grain at high power

A grain of sand under cross polarized light at 100x.