Duane Frybarger:Peaceful, Soothing Music


My name is Duane Frybarger and I am a composer and musician. This is my place of refuge for fans of quiet, relaxing instrumental music which I offer for your enjoyment and inspiration. I play solo piano, solo ukulele and I also create ensembles ranging from small jazz trios to chamber orchestras using a technology called MIDI.

Dreams and Memories is an album of piano improvisations recorded in early 2020. Each piece is set to a video, offering quiet, introspective moods and a peaceful ambience.

A Road Less Traveled was the follow up album to A Musical Feast (see below) and was recorded under my own name. This album offers a quiet, contemplative journey in a chamber orchestral setting with the exception of a single solo piano diversion. Again, I was fortunate to gain significant airplay on radio stations large and small in 1998 when I released this work.

Sketches is an album of jazz piano solo improvisations and compositions composed and recorded in 2006. It had been my goal for many decades to be able to improvise in such a way that each piece sounded organic and complete as if it had been previously composed. The first four pieces are the first piano improvisations I recorded in which I felt that I achieved that goal.

Another Voice, Another Place is an album of solos and duos of baritone ukulele improvisations and compositions. The duos were recorded with a looper and most of these recordings were done in 2018 and 2019. This section is a collection of my first improvisations and recordings on the ukulele. The baritone ukulele is an unusual instrument with an unfamiliar sound and I use a non-standard tuning which gives it an even more unique tone.

Pangaea World Orchestra's A Musical Feast was my debut to the world as a composer in the mid 1990s. The internet was a new phenomenon and I was fortunate to eventually have the music of PWO heard on more than 100 radio stations on four continents.

I am an amateur scientist fascinated by astronomy, geology, water science and many other aspects of the natural world and I also enjoy photography. You will find samples of my artwork of the Earth's beauty as I see it through out the site.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay. Comments are always welcome and contact information can be found at the bottom of each page.

Pine stem under crossed polarized light

Pine stem magnified 200x under crossed polarized light