Duane Frybarger - piano, MIDI, ukulele, improvisations, compositions


My name is Duane Frybarger and I am a composer and musician. I offer my music to you for your enjoyment and inspiration.

For those who enjoy piano music, Sketches is an album of jazz piano solo improvisations and compositions composed in 2006. This is previously unreleased material and is now available to the public for the first time.

For a blend of world, jazz and pop, the Pangaea World Orchestra offers contemporary jazz instrumentals. Over 20 years ago, PWO was heard on more than 100 radio stations on four continents. PWO is now back with new technology and a new sound. Be sure to check them out!

For lovers of orchestral and classical music, A Road Less Traveled offers a quiet, contemplative journey in a chamber orchestral setting with the exception of a single solo piano diversion.

Other Voices offers solos and duos of baritone ukulele improvisations and compositions. The duos were recorded with a looper.

All music is available to freely stream and download. If you wish to own digital copies, currently A Musical Feast by Pangaea World Orchestra is available at three online retailers. Details are available on the PWO page.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay.

Driftwood on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA