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Sketches, Solo Piano

Solo Jazz Piano Improvisations and Compositions - 2006 and 2020

1. "Sunlight" - The first of four improvisations recorded early in the morning in 2006 before going off to my temp job. Listening back to them all these years later, I'm amazed at what I was able to do at 6am! I think I did these first four pieces in four consecutive days but I'm not sure on that recollection.

2. "Clouds" - The second of these improvisations has a really mellow, contemplative feel to it. At least, it does so at the beginning but then seems to wander off to new places and vistas.

3. "Shadows and Light" - As I listen back to these pieces many years later, I love the interplay between keys in the progressions. Also, I hear mood changes that feel and sound very organic for an improvisation. It is as if I'm hearing someone else as I sit here today listening.

4. "Not So Long Ago" - This one is all over the map! I was laughing out loud listening to it. At point, I thought I'd drifted off to New Orleans!

5. "Fall" - The first four pieces were improvisations based on many bits and pieces I had been working on at the time but they always came up in a somewhat random order. This piece and the next were composed over a period of many months. I normally compose pieces in an hour or so and for me this was a very different process. Although it is composed, there are also some improvisational aspects to it as well.

6. Reflections" - This one goes through many key changes which creates different mood elements. The piano used for all of these recordings is my faithful Yamaha P-60 purchased in 2001.

7. "To The Sea" - This particular piece has an urgent feel to it especially at the beginning. It does feel like rushing down to the sea on a stormy afternoon!

8. "Solitary" - These last three pieces were all recorded in January of 2020. They are all based on the idea of meditation, solitude and finding peace within.

9. "Solitude" - Whenever I play or improvise, I go into a meditative place and my goal is for my listeners to also enjoy the same kind of peace and beauty.

View from Ring Mountain, Tiburon, CA

View from Ring Mountain, Tiburon, CA